100% Integrated, Secured & Traceable Nicotine Supply Chain

Trust and supply security are critical to the success of any business, we recognise that if we don’t deliver, then it is our customers who pay the price with production shutdowns, delayed shipments, unhappy consumers and lost opportunities and contracts.

With three pharmaceutical cGMP production plants based in India, we have doorstep access to locally grown tobacco leaves. India is among the world’s largest producers of tobacco, with production in excess of 450 million kgs of tobacco annually we are sure to have access to the best quality tobacco leaves to manufacture nicotine.

All manufacturing processes are fully validated according to pharmaceutical cGMP and as we are fully integrated in the production of our nicotine portfolio from sourcing tobacco leaves, in-house extraction, distillation and purification. For the blending and mixing of nicotine dilutions and processing of nicotine salts we operate an EU plant meaning we are able to assure quality and full batch to batch traceability from leaf through to deliver to our customers.

We deliver high purity nicotine liquids and powders of superior quality, quickly and duty paid
in the EU

Your supply is secured because you buy directly from the manufacturer, not a reseller or distributor

You deal directly with a European based sales, warehouse and
logistics team

Our European customer service team is professional and responsive

We also supply to Russia and CIS, and even further afield, contact our expert team to know more

Integrated Procurement

Procuring tobacco leaves from India, one of the world's largest tobacco producers.

3 state of the art oGMP production sites

World Class Manufacturing

In-house extraction, distillation & purification processes (oGMP approved facilites)

USP/EP Quality Control

Local EU production of Nicotine bases made to order

Substantial stock In Europe ensuring Immediate fulfillment for even the largerst order

Best in Class Customer Service driven by adaptability

Door to door delivery across Europe - Custom cleared and in free European circulation