NicSelect™ Organoleptic Test Score - NOTES©, certifies the world's cleanest nicotine

Only NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0 is full spectrum organoleptically tested and certified by our exclusive NOTES© technology. This advanced profiling system controls compounds at ppm and ppb levels, reducing aromatic compounds to below-neutral levels. As a result, NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0 is guaranteed to be free of unpleasant tastes and odours commonly found in low-quality nicotine, such as fish, petrol, and rubber, ensuring it does not affect the taste and odour of e-liquids or pouches.

NOTES© ensures NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0 is as clean, pure, and fresh as possible, and 100% consistent batch to batch, so Alchem NicSelect™ customers always have assured quality. Ask our experts for details.

Every batch NOTES© tested


For the best next-generation nicotine products, vapes, e-liquids, and nicotine pouches, choose NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0 certified by NOTES©.

Clear like water: Ultra-clean, ultra-pure, ultra-stable to avoid rapid colouration of e-liquids and pouches.

No bad odours: No unwanted and unpleasant aromas.

Never a bad taste: Clean and free from undesirable flavours.

Remarkably batch-to-batch consistent: Every batch NOTES© tested to guarantee consistent organoleptic perfection.

#1 choice and trusted by 70% of e-liquid and pouch manufacturers globally

Supply Chain Security and traceability

World-class R&D centres driving nicotine innovation

cGMP and TPD compliant, REACH registered and US FDA TPMF filled

ESG proud, traceable nicotine, no child or slave labour

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