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At Alchem NicSelect™, we are constantly perfecting manufacturing techniques and developing innovative nicotine formulations to support the evolution of Next Generation Nicotine Delivery products.

Advanced e-liquid formulation: Introducing T-MAX

T-MAX is a novel nicotine base designed to redefine the vaping experience so that hard-to-convert smokers and less than satisfied vapers get real satisfaction.

Traditionally, smokers associate the act of smoking with an immediate and strong perception of nicotine, a sensation that doesn’t exist in conventional e-liquids.

T-MAX, finally an e-liquid that vapes just like a cigarette!

Developed in collaboration with the Natural Academy, Ape8, and the University of Milano Bicocca, T-MAX’s key features include:

Patented technology: T-MAX is a revolutionary patented technology available exclusively under license from Alchem NicSelect™.

Optimised nicotine delivery: Specially designed to maximise the speed of nicotine hit and perceived strength, 8 mg vapes like 20 mg and 14 mg vapes like 40 mg!

Full compliance: Produced in compliance with cGMP standards, using only pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients, T-MAX fully complies with EU TPD regulations, including the 20 mg/ml nicotine limit.

Pouch’ology: Mastering the Art, Science & Technology of Nicotine Pouches

Alchem NicSelect ™ has pioneered new knowledge and technologies for nicotine pouches manufacturing, focusing on:

Optimal Nicotine Release: Optimised nicotine delivery with quick, sustained or two-phase release options. We have mastered the science behind it for a consistently satisfying experience.

Stability and Flavour Enhancement: Enjoy clean, long-lasting taste, white pouches that remain free from oxidation, colouration, and bad odours and tastes.

Perfect “Sting”: Enhanced formulation to deliver the right amount of sensation.

Excellence in Quality

Experience superior quality with our nicotine products. Using proprietary extraction and manufacturing technology, we guarantee unrivalled purity, stability, consistency in colour, flavour and taste in every batch.

Dedicated Service

Receive fast and reliable support from our experienced teams in sales, logistics, regulatory affairs, documentation, and technical assistance. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Supply Security

Benefit from our worldwide warehousing facilities, local stocks with ample inventory for commercial security and swift trouble-free deliveries. Your business continuity is our priority.

A to Z Compliance

Rest assured with the strictest international standards and regulations in every facet of our operations. From manufacturing processes to product quality, traceability and ethical business practices, compliance is at the centre of everything we do

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