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Nicotine designed and manufactured by PhD’s Industrial Chemists for Alchem NicSelect™ renowned quality and unrivalled consistency batch-to-batch

Pure Nicotine

NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0 is the most trusted pure nicotine (1000 mg) across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA.

With zero impurities (EP/USP monographs) and certified by our exclusive NOTES© organoleptic profiling technology, our downstream customers have the assurance and insurance policy that their production will not suffer from off odours and tastes.

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Nicotine Bases

NicSelect™ Nicotine Bases (pure nicotine diluted in PG/VG, etc.) are freshly made to order in our European and USA Nicotine Hubs.

We exclusively use NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0, for a superior organoleptic profile. Our advanced mixing and blending techniques protect the nicotine, preventing oxidation during processing, ensuring the cleanest, freshest products every delivery.

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Nicotine Salts

NicSelect™ Nicotine Salt Bases (nicotine bound to a salt acid) are freshly made to order in our cGMP European pharmaceutical facility and USA Nicotine Hub. We exclusively use NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0, for a superior organoleptic profile. Our advanced production recipes protect the nicotine during the salt formation preventing extreme oxidation and a better nicotine salt.

NicSelect™ Nicotine Salt Bases were developed by our PhD industrial chemists and stand out for their exceptional quality, as fully formed, bound and stable compounds, not just an acid salt mixed into a base.

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Pouch’ology Mixes

Our pouch mixes are developed using a methodology we call Pouch’ology, where all parameters are calibrated to obtain a highly stable, consistent, oxidation-resistant product with an unbeatable flavour and exceptional nicotine release. Our pouch mixes are produced in our Pouch’ology Expert Centre in Germany.

We offer custom developed and individual “bespoke” formulations for customers, as well as NicSelect™ Intermediate Mixes for onward flavouring and NicSelect™ Ready Mixes, already flavoured, for direct manufacturing of pouches.

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Synthetic Nicotine

NicSynSelect 3.0 is achieved using advanced technologies to isolate and purify (S)-Nicotine. This process creates synthetic nicotine that is identical to natural nicotine and meets the high purity standards of NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0, resulting in the cleanest synthetic nicotine available.

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#1 choice and trusted by 70% of e-liquid and pouch manufacturers globally

Supply Chain Security and traceability

World-class R&D centres driving nicotine innovation

cGMP and TPD compliant, REACH registered and US FDA TPMF filled

ESG proud, traceable nicotine, no child or slave labour

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