Nicotine Bases

NicSelect™ Nicotine Bases, made easy to handle, fresh, clean and stable


NicSelect™ Nicotine Bases for e-liquid and nicotine pouch manufacturers who prioritise manufacturing convenience and need a fresh, clean and stable base, free from bad tastes and odours.

Made exclusively with NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0 for unrivalled purity and a superior organoleptic profile, our nicotine dilutions are available in various concentrations (0% to 50%) and in PG or VG, according to our customer’s requirements.

Consistent from batch to batch, the outstanding quality and stability of our dilutions are achieved using NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0, pharma-grade ingredients and our proprietary blending techniques, which protect the nicotine and inhibit oxidation during processing.

Our nicotine bases are always fresh, made to order in our facilities in Europe and the USA, and are delivered within days.

#1 choice and trusted by 70% of e-liquid and pouch manufacturers globally

Batch-to-batch consistent, clear like water, organoleptically NOTES© perfect

Zero impurities (EP/USP)

cGMP and TPD compliant, REACH registered and US FDA TPMF filled

cGMP and TPD compliant, REACH registered and US FDA TPMF filled

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