Say Hello to Nicotine 3.0

For over a decade NicSelect™ has been leading the way in the production and supply of highly purified natural nicotine for the pharmaceutical, vape, nicotine pouches, and nicotine substitutes industries.

Our team of experts developed a proprietary manufacturing process, with special purification phases, to source today’s market with nicotine in its purest form: always clear in colour, light in odour, and neutral in taste.

We rely on an exclusive production process specially engineered to remove the organic and inorganic compounds that can give unpleasant tastes and odours or accelerate the oxidation of nicotine.

IMPURITIESImpurities NOT DECLARED or impurities up to 0.3% EACH. Total impurities NOT DECLARED or up to 0.8% or more. Individual impurities often not declared.ZERO impurities – ALL impurities BELOW detection limit (below 0.05%). TOTAL impurities BELOW detection limit (below 0.05%).
BATCH TO BATCH CONSISTENCYHighly variable, quick to oxidize, overall quality degenerates rapidly, variable and bad odours. High content of residual solvents and high water content.NicSelect Nicotine 3.0 employs proprietary Alchem technologies to IDENTIFY, ISOLATE and ELIMINATE the compounds occurring in ppm’s and ppb’s negatively impacting COLOUR, TASTE and ODOUR.
ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIESBrown-yellow colour, strong, unpleasant and variable odour, odour of noxious extraction solvents (example kerosene), off flavour notes, “fishy” smell.Clear like water, zero impurities* and with only the lightest and characteristic odour of the purest nicotine.
UNLIMITED QUANTITYRepeated and regular market shortages.Local stocks exceeding 20,000 litres and shipping door-to-door from our European and USA hubs. NicSelect Nicotine 3.0 is always available prompt.
TECHNICAL SUPPORTLimited.World renewed R & D and Technical Support teams.
REGULATORY SUPPORTLimited.Regulatory experts for TPD and PMTA in-house. Dedicated logistics and support team. REACH, CLP and MSDS compliance. Quality dossier TPMF filings (PMTA) with USA FDA.

*below limits of detection by EP/USP nicotine monographs and methods of analysis.

Manufactured by Alchem International

“When our customers ask…we listen” is the philosophy that drives everything we do every day at Alchem.

We manage our business day-to-day by focusing on delivering what matters most to our customers: quality, innovation, supply security, and world-class service & technical support.

We are a leading global manufacturer of natural nicotine, nicotine salts, and nicotine complexes for use in tobacco substitutes, including e-cigarettes, nicotine pouches, nicotine patches, nicotine gums, and nicotine lozenges.

Our unique products and services can make a real difference in the quality of your products and your commercial success.
We look forward to working with you!

#1 choice for quality
e-liquids producers

Light in taste and clear
in colour
for a superior vaping experience

Near zero impurities significantly exceeding EP/USP monographs

Secure supply chain to deliver assurance to our customers

TPMF Filed & US FDA cGMP Inspected


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