The Best Liquid Nicotine
for the Best E-Liquids

When you choose NicSelect®, rest assured you’re using the freshest, purest nicotine extracted from pesticide-free tobacco plants.


Stocked in the U.S.

NicSelect® is stocked in the U.S. and available from our trusted U.S. distributors. Find out more about how to order NicSelect®.

Watch and Learn How Nicotine Affects E-Liquid Flavor


Here’s what to look for in choosing your
liquid nicotine supplier: 


Where does your nicotine come from?

tobacco-plantNicSelect® is naturally extracted from tobacco plants, and never synthetically produced. Read more about Alchem International  and its long and distinguished history of making plant-based chemicals.

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How easy is it to obtain?

Alchem International is a reliable supplier that is exporting and stocking NicSelect® in the U.S. and Europe. Approved customers can receive their shipment within a few days.

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Is the nicotine properly labeled?

Pure liquid nicotine is dangerous. All NicSelect® bottles and packaging are labeled with the manufacturer name, contents, expiration date, safety, quality and inspection details.

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How was the nicotine packaged?

NicSelect® is securely packed into leak-proof, airtight containers as soon as it’s made to retain its freshness. Our approved customers have a nice variety of sizes and blends to choose from.

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Is the quality consistent?

NicSelect® comes from Alchem International’s facility and is consistent, batch after batch.

How does it taste?

You can taste the difference in NicSelect®. Better ingredients mean better flavor. Higher purity means a smoother throat hit. Read what our customers have to say about NicSelect.