The benefits of our Nicotine Bases

For e-liquid manufacturers, who prefer for safety reasons or other reasons not to handle pure nicotine; we provide a range of solutions for nicotine bases (dilutions) in a range of concentrations (0% to 50%) and bases (vegetal glycerin, propylene glycol, PEG etc.). Our standard bases (dilutions) 72 mg and 100 mg are “crystal clear” with a superior organoleptic profile thanks to our advanced blending and mixing techniques that protect the nicotine and inhibit oxidation during processing.

NicSelect nicotine bases (dilutions) are made “fresh to order” at our pharmaceutical US based cGMP facility and delivered across all 50 states within days. We deliver more than 250 MT of standard and “custom made” (bespoke content and mix) nicotine bases (dilutions) per year across the UK, Scandinavia and mainland Europe as well as further afield including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and Korea.

Our standard bases include: 72mg/ml, 100 mg/ml and 200 mg/ml.

#1 choice for quality
e-liquids producers

Light in taste and clear in colour
for a superior vaping experience

Near zero impurities significantly
exceeding EP/USP monographs

100% Natural nicotine from
carefully selected tobacco leaves

TPD, Reach & cGMP

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