Pouch Mixes

NicSelect™ Pouch Mixes for cleaner, whiter and tastier pouches, with exceptional nicotine release


Our pouch mixes are made with Alchem NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0, renowned for its crystal-clear color, clean taste and unrivaled purity.  The industry’s first choice for NGND products and trusted by 70% of European vape and pouch manufacturers, Nicotine 3.0 ensures bright white pouches while protecting against oxidation, discoloration and unwanted odors and tastes.

Our pouch mixes are made using our exclusive Pouch’ology methodology.  We offer custom-developed and individual “bespoke” formulations, and intermediate mixes for onward flavoring and ready-flavored ready-run mixes for direct manufacturing of pouches.

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In addition to our standard offerings, we provide complete White Label services, with small MOQs and fast turnaround for superior quality all-white pouches with a clean taste, no coloration and no oxidation, powered by NicSelect™ Nicotine 3.0.

  • Flexible MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities), fast turnaround
  • Exceptional nicotine release
  • Flavour-boosting technologies
  • Superior quality, clean taste, no coloration, no oxidation

cGMP and TPD compliant, REACH registered and US FDA TPMF filled

Zero impurities (EP/USP)

Batch-to-batch consistent, clear like water, organoleptically NOTES© perfect

cGMP and TPD compliant, REACH registered and US FDA TPMF filled

#1 choice and trusted by 70% of e-liquid and pouch manufacturers globally

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