Building a Sustainable Future

At Alchem NicSelect™, we are deeply committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Our efforts are focused on minimizing our environmental impact, promoting a safe, equal and inclusive workplace, and maintaining the highest standards of ethical governance.

We continuously optimize our processes, prioritize sustainable sources, support community initiatives, and ensure transparency and accountability in all our operations. Through these dedicated efforts, we strive to create a positive and lasting impact on both our industry and the global community.

A to Z Compliance

Rest assured with the strictest international standards and regulations in every facet of our operations. From manufacturing processes to product quality, traceability and ethical business practices, compliance is at the centre of everything we do

Supply Security

Benefit from our worldwide warehousing facilities, local stocks with ample inventory for commercial security and swift trouble-free deliveries. Your business continuity is our priority.

Dedicated Service

Receive fast and reliable support from our experienced teams in sales, logistics, regulatory affairs, documentation, and technical assistance. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Excellence in Quality

Experience superior quality with our nicotine products. Using proprietary extraction and manufacturing technology, we guarantee unrivalled purity, stability, consistency in colour, flavour and taste in every batch.

Sustainable Tobacco Programme

Alchem NicSelect™ is privileged to participate in the Sustainable Tobacco Programme (STP), an industry initiative that helps drive standards in agricultural practices, environmental management and key areas of social and human rights.

To achieve this, we have designed and implemented a program in which we monitor our practices internally and externally alongside our suppliers to safeguard human and labor rights, guarantee safe working practices, prevent slave and child labor and protect the environment.

In addition, Alchem is subject to third-party CSR and ESG compliance assessments and has been awarded the EcoVadis silver medal, which further demonstrates our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices.

What we do

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