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At Alchem we take corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the impact we have on society, the environment, and sustainable development very seriously. It is important when evaluating supply chain to be aware of environmental and social impact and to avoid less ethical companies that side-step good practice and the cost of compliance and that, as a result, have a high and undesired impact on the environment and society. Alchem is inspected and certified for CSR compliance and has conducted ECOVADIS audit (

Environment and pollution.

We recognize that as a toxic chemical that manufacturing and handling nicotine present very specific challenges in avoiding damage to the environment and pollution. Alchem is regularly inspected and certified for compliance and exceeds the strict national standards for environmental and pollution control. We take great care to ensure that our manufacturing operations do not discharge wastewaters and solvents that can pollute and damage the local watercourse and environment and spent raw materials are used as fertilizer or disposed of safely.

Safety, working conditions and human rights.

Good practice is established throughout the organization including world-class training and equipment for handling nicotine. Alchem ensures all employees are treated with respect and without discrimination in accordance with international standards of working hours, working conditions and human rights. Alchem has a strict no slave labour and no child labour policy and suppliers and contractor are required to commit to the same standards.

Bribery and anti-corruption measures.

Alchem is a privately held company and has established a strong reputation globally as an ethical organization. All operations are conducted in accordance with international standards and regulations for corporate, legal and financial operations. Contracts, tenders and agreements are based on fair competition and good commercial practice including the management of customers and supplier and their information. Alchem operates to ICH pharmaceutical standards (International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use) to ensure the safety and integrity of the ingredients we manufacture.

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